My name is Felix Hernandez, I am a graphic designer I have sales and customer service experience. During these trying times I’ve worked for OnwardUS I searched for, analyzed, and accurately logged information into Salesforce with a sense of urgency, contributing to a team that was working to connect displaced workers with essential services, training resources, and career opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Exercised great initiative and self-motivation on a daily basis to ensure that all tasks were completed accurately in a timely manner. Was responsible for design and layout or two bimonthly publications for JCS Marketing. Manage article content on company websites and manage up to date ads and registration pages and maintenance of site daily. Designed content for all social media content and managed all social media accounts and managed promotional campaigns. Designed trade shows promotional products, Was Lead Graphic designer for Express Graphics, manage all open invoices. Design and follow all open invoices to completion. Work with adobe suite on the daily basis. Operate and manage large media printers. Is responsible for all digital print media. Works one on one with customer to come up a design that the customer desires. Delt with accounts on daily bases with Hill Rom medical. Self-managing skills and high professional communication skills. Possesses a B.F.A. in Graphic Design with an emphasis in Multimedia and high knowledge in Adobe suite. A member of Ad2 Fresno with active design and organizing work for local nonprofit organizations. Take a look around at my site and see my current and past work.

To contact me please feel free to call or email me.


Phone: 559-289-0155